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This site is a tribute to my mom and best friend, Terri Hale. She is an amazing woman, mother, and friend, and I hope this site helps make Mothers Day 2006 the best ever!

So here's what you need to know about my mom...

She either loves you or hates you - but when she loves, she loves fiercely. She doesn't beat around the bush or try and hide her feelings. She tells it like it is. She will defend you to the death. She doesn't apologize for her beliefs. She is honest and upstanding. She can make you laugh so hard, your stomach hurts. She loves to act silly and knows when to act serious. She refuses to give up and will go down swinging before doing so. She adores her children. She loves her God. She prays until her prayer book is worn ragged...then she prays some more. Her granddaughters are the apple of her eye and the center of her universe. She sticks to it until it's done...whatever "it" may be. She is one of the biggest MTSU Blue Raider fans you will ever meet. She will call you out if you wrong her loved ones. She has a tender heart. She is the champion of the underdog. She led me to the Lord. She's been known to dance around the room like a maniac. She can say something normal in a way that makes it hilarious. She loves the beach. She has five sisters. She'll play with my hair for hours...just because she knows how much I love it. She fancies herself a former basketball star. She calls to say good night every night before bed. She has had one husband her whole life. She and my dad can make each other laugh like no two people I have ever seen. She makes her own rules. She has a cat that worships her. Her grandbabies call her "Gammie." She never gives up. She doesn't believe in herself enough. She is a worrywart. She spends all summer tinkering in the yard. She loves warm weather. She grew up in Rockvale. She's had the the same two best friends since she was 6. She looks younger than she is. She faces her fears. She is beautiful, through and through.

She is my best friend.

I love you, Mom...and I am so thankful to you for the hours of prayer and the lifetime of love. Here's to you this Mother's Day. May it be the best ever!

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Terri Windisch   / Barbara Holt (None)
Mrs. Hale,

If you are the former Terri Windisch, a South Dakota geologist who worked at the Gilt Edge Mine, please contact me.

Thank you,
Barbara Holt
Environmental Paralegal
Gallagher & Kennedy, P.C.
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Shared Name   / Terri Hale (Share name )
I have just read the lovely page that your daughter has written for you. You are certainly well loved by your family and friends and sound like a wonderful person to share a name with.
Best Friends   / Barbara Clark (Best Friend )
I should have known that only one of your daughters could capture you so perfectly.   Every word made me smile because I had flashbacks of you in every description.  You, my friend, make me smile even when I'm not with you.  ...  Continue >>
Happy Mother's Day   / Henry
Nice to meet you recently in New York. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and let the kids spoil you rotten!
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Special Memories
Poem to Mom on Her 51st Birthday  
In her 50th year, she fell in love.

The kind of awe-inspiring love that makes the sun shine, the clouds part, and every tomorrow dawn brighter than the one before.

The kind of love that is simple...
yet complex.
Yet so easily defined.

The kind of all-consuming love that in the blink of an eye,
erases all the wrinkles,
all the hurts,
all the tears of one lifetime.

People smile knowingly when she walks down the street.
"It must be love," they say.

And they're right.

The bounce in her step,
the sparkle in her eye,
the uncontrollable laughter that spills from her lips...

It must be love.

Who knew that the first glance at another human being could bring tears to her eyes? Or that the simple uttering of her name could sound so sweet?

Or that the answer to a million prayers
could drop down from Heaven in one fell swoop?

Or that love...crazy love...unattainable love...the mysterious love that hides in the shadows and lies just beyond reach...could be so unconditional?

In her 51st year,
it is well with her soul.

For you see...
the one holding her heart in the very palm of her hand...
is her very first granddaughter.

A baby girl with curls the color of honey and eyes so blue they could melt the heart of even the most cynical person.

And this baby girl reaches out a hand to grab her own,
and in the process...
grabs hold of her heart
all over again.

And those around her look at her and smile knowingly.

"It must be love," they say.

Boy, are they right.
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